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Ghost Cat Espresso

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In creating an espresso blend we decided to pay homage to the beautiful, but endangered Florida Panther.  Although the population has risen from the 1970s where it was estimated that only 20 Florida Panther lived in the wild, we are still a long way away from a sustainable population.  In current time an estimated 230 Florida Panther roam the wild making it one of the rarest mammals on earth.  We plan on teaming up with The Nature Conservancy to donate a portion of Ghost Cat Espresso sales to help eliminate the word ghost from this cats unfortunate name.

At the moment Ghost Cat Espresso is a three part blend consisting of a Colombia Santa Barbara, Ethiopia Sidamo and a Brazil Legender Especial.  Look forward tasting notes of Dark Chocolate, Creme Brûlée, and Strawberry that shines solo as an espresso, through milk as a latte or as delicious cup of black coffee.

How to Brew: For espresso we use a 1:3 ratio when pulling a single shot of 7g in and 21g out. For a double we use a 1:2 ratio of 17g in and 34g out. 

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