Our Story

Meet Our Roaster

Hello! Since you made it here I will tell you a short story about us. We are operated by a brother and sister (Vinny and Camilla). The desire to open a Roastery began in 2010 when Vinny started his first job in coffee (barista and coffee equipment technician). Camilla was only 13 so her dreams of coffee come later . Vinny would spend hours talking to family and friends about what his version of a coffee business would look like if he could open one. That went on for 9 Years until the opportunity finally presented itself. Still being obsessed with the idea of owning a coffee company there was no hesitation and in 2019 Palm Coffee Roasters was born. Camilla was now 22 and ready to jump head first into the wonderful world of coffee. 

Our first official sale was at the beginning of March 2020 and then the world shut down. We were faced with many challenges but the wind was never taken out of our sails. During this period, we focused on nurturing our relationships with our exceptional wholesale partners and dedicated home consumers.

Today we build upon that learning experience and realize that the foundation of our successful partnerships was treating everyone like family. Whether that would be an individual buying one bag of coffee, our green coffee importers, producers at origin, wholesale partners, and everyone else we work with or come across. We are just so grateful to have this opportunity to be able to work with so many amazing people in one of the most exciting industries in the world. 

(We are sourcing some new and incredibly small lots of extraordinary coffees for 2024 so keep an eye out for these micro lot offerings!)





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