Buying Wholesale Coffee in Hollywood, FL: Knowing the Difference Between Cold Brew Coffee vs. Iced Coffee

Each day in the United States, Americans drink an estimated 280.5 million cups of coffee. That's enough to fill almost 27 full Olympic swimming pools!

As the summer months send heat waves across the nation, many of these coffee aficionados are trading their hot beverages in for iced coffee or cold brew. That begs the question to be asked: is there really a difference between these drinks? Aren't they both just cold coffee?

As experts on wholesale coffee in Hollywood, FL, we know a thing or two about beating the heat with our favorite caffeinated drinks. To learn the real difference between cold brew and iced coffee, along with our recommendations for brewing each of them, read on.

Iced Coffee Vs. Cold Brew: What's the Difference?

To break down the difference between these beverages, let's start by offering up a clear definition of traditional iced coffee. This drink starts as regular hot coffee that's brewed with a drip machine. It's then allowed to cool and served over a generous helping of ice.

This results in a drink that's refreshing and quick to make but can end up tasting a bit watered-down as the ice melts. However, because the heat extracts natural oils from the coffee beans during brewing, it's still full-bodied.

Cold brew coffee, as the name implies, doesn't use any heat in the brewing process. Instead, it's made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for hours, often overnight. This results in a double-strength "concentrate" that must be filtered and diluted before drinking.

Cold brew is smoother and less acidic than iced coffee. It can be served with ice but is often served straight or with milk.

Choosing Wholesale Coffee Beans for Cold Brew and Iced Coffee

The beans you use matter just as much when you're serving coffee cold as when you're serving it hot. Iced coffee can be made with any blend you enjoy drinking hot, but make sure the taste is complex enough to still come through when it's watered down with ice.

If you're hoping to serve decadent cold brew, consider choosing a light-roast specialty coffee. Because the brewing process doesn't use heat to extract flavor, you'll need to choose a blend that's naturally more flavorful or you'll risk the taste falling flat.

The grind of the coffee you choose is also important. If you're making iced coffee, use the same medium to medium-coarse grind you would for brewing normal drip coffee. To make filtering easier, stick with a coarse or extra-course grind for cold brew.

Whether you're hoping to add iced coffee, cold brew, or both to your menu, buying your coffee bags wholesale is the way to go. Wholesale bulk coffee is less expensive for your business and produces less waste than purchasing the same amount in smaller individual bags. Some wholesale coffee suppliers, like Palm Coffee Roasters, will even help you find and learn to use the equipment needed to brew the perfect cup of joe.

Looking for High-Quality Wholesale Coffee in Hollywood, FL?

Iced coffee and cold brew may be similar, but both of them give the drink's subtle flavors a chance to shine through. That's why we're so dedicated to making sure our beans brew a fantastic cup of coffee every time, no matter the method used to make it.

Palm Coffee Roasters is the premiere wholesale coffee supplier in Hollywood, FL. Not only do we provide our customers with a variety of roasts, but we also offer customized private labels and equipment training.

If your business serves or sells coffee in any fashion, buying wholesale coffee in Hollywood, FL is the sensible choice. Fill out the inquiry form on our site today to see how we can help.

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