5 Health Benefits of Matcha Teas: Your Guide

What is your go-to morning beverage choice? Over 450 million Americans drink coffee every morning. But, there might be another solution you're missing out on.

There is something calming about having a morning tea routine. More specifically, the matcha tea routine is the best way to start any day. Not only that, but there are countless health benefits of matcha teas.

From your brain to your body, let's discover what these health benefits of matcha are. Curious to find out what they are?

Take a sip and enjoy this post.

1. Cognitive Enhancement

You'll be happy to find amino acids such as L-theanine and EGCG in your matcha. Your serotonin and dopamine systems will be activated as a result. The health benefits of matcha teas such as these will increase your wellbeing and happiness levels.

Anxiety increases when you drink coffee. Depression symptoms will diminish when you enjoy some matcha powder recipes. Neurotransmitters will be created more naturally as a result as well.

2. Energy Boost

Your energy level will be more constant when switching from coffee to matcha tea. This is one of the main health benefits of matcha teas. Crashing and jitters are non-existent here, so you can sip on your matcha all day long.

An increase in blood flow, protection of the heart, and increase of glycogen are all positive matcha tea side effects. Before and after workouts are excellent times to indulge in your favorite matcha powder recipes.

3. Reduces Stress

L-theanine is a stress-reducing amino found in your matcha tea. If you want to feel like a Zen monk, take a sip before meditation. You will feel your stress levels lower as you go about your daily activities.

When looking for the health benefits of matcha, not much compares to this one. Your focus and attention will increase as well sans drowsiness from the calming effect.

4. Weight Loss

Want more health benefits of matcha teas? How about promoting weight loss? With virtually no calories, you will feel the boost in your metabolism.

With concentrated vitamins and minerals, you will burn fat through enzymes. Your energy will even last for longer stretches, as the compounds found here will increase blood flow.

5. Body Detox

Chlorophyll is a natural molecule found in plants. It is used to fuel plants from the sun's energy, providing us with the energy from the nutrients we need to thrive.

You'll want to look for matcha with the greenest color. In doing so, you will be guaranteed to find tons of antioxidants, polyphenols, and amino acids. Your metabolism will be regulated and your body will be feeling clean.

Health Benefits of Matcha Teas Explored

Aren't you amazed at the many health benefits of matcha teas? We know we are.

Why not incorporate this timeless tradition into your morning routine? Learn how to prepare matcha tea and you can reap the benefits.

While you're on your tea kick, click to see the many teas we have to offer.  From blacks to greens, you'll be sure to find something you enjoy!

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