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Palm Tie Dye Hoodie

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Hand dyed and custom made by Gold Coast Dyes! @GoldCoastDyes

Design by Scott Downey @ScottDowneyDesigns 

These hoodies fit like a traditional, cozy, college-style sweatshirt. Size up on the top for an oversized look. Fabric: 90% cotton, 10% recycled polyester.

All of Gold Coast Dyes hand-tied and hand-dyed items go through an extensive process in order to ensure quality and colorfastness. All items are:
* washed and dried to pre-shrink and remove any sizing
* pre-treated in an eco-friendly soak for colorfastness
* hand-dyed with premium, professional-grade, eco-friendly dyes
* hand-washed with hypoallergenic textile detergent to remove excess dye particles
* treated with dye fixative by hand for 35 minutes to ensure colorfastness
* washed alone in a washing machine, air dried, and pressed with an iron to permanently set color
* washed again with hypoallergenic detergent to remove any excess dye particles
* dried in a dryer to return softness to the fabric before being shipped out

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